Bebs den kække mis rose
CH DK Floresta Leaò's Bebs den kække mis
Sex  Female
Colour  Black Silver blotched tabby/white
EMS code  NFO ns 09 22
Breeder  Susanne Eriksen (Floresta Leaòs) - Denmark
Owner  Francesca Piva

For a sad destiny Bebs is no longer among us.
We miss her very much and she left a huge void in our hearts and house. For respect and for the love we feel for this wonderful creature, we maintain intact her web-page.


Here I am
Hi, my name is Bebs den kække mis, that in Danish means "Bebs, the lovely cat", but for friends I'm only Bebs :-)
I was born in Denmark, in Vanløse (a quiet suburb of Copenhagen); I spent my first four months with Susanne and Jan (my family), my hearth-friends Celia, and a lot of other norwegian cats. I enjoyed very much; Celia and I were like "Bonnie & Clyde"!
One day came at home Francesca and Massimo from Italy: I conquered them very soon, really I didn't give them much attention... I had to do something else: I absolutely had to play with my cat friends!! ... but I'm so beautyful and pleasant that everyone falls in love with me..
They liked me so much that they adopted me and brought me with them in Rome, where actually I live. I remember yet that day... Susanne and Jan drove us to airport... I cried a lot and I saw Susanne cry too when we went to check-in.
I flew on board near my new parents, but at the landing in Zurich, airport-staff forced me to pass under metal-detector tunnel, in spite of the resolute opposition of Massimo and Francesca (I saw them very angry, shouting to the staff... I didn't understand what they were saying, but I believe that weren't good words!).
Next take-off and landing weren't better!! the captain decided for security issues, to put me lonely in the toilette... I was thinking that it wasn't a good start for my new life, how would be the future? My parents, worried for me, were so angry with the crew and with air company that decided not to fly again with them. Nevertheless be quite, I'm very strong and I wasn't afraid (really, I like a lot danger shiver... often I make Francesca's hair stand on end... and is not so easy, because they are longer than my tail eh eh eh). At landing in Rome we found my grandparents and aunt Silvia, and we went soon in my new home. I made a mistake... in my new home all was perfect! I went out the cat bag and I found a warm temperature.. I explored all the house. How many toys!! (all for me). I played a lot with my new family that cuddled me a lot.. I also purred... then a good smell of food captured my attention and I run towards the bowl: what a bellyful! Then, at bed time, Francesca and Massimo let me stay in our room, so that I wasn't alone.
Now I grow up and I spent with them a very serene life, even if sometime I made some tricks... but at the end my parents always forgive me...
Lately they promised me that soon I will be not more alone, because will come another female, phew! I must share with her food and toys, but I can bear this in change of a friend (I also make tricks and lay the blame to her eh eh eh!).
I talk a lot, now I must go away: I have to play and jump over the cat-tree that my parents designed and built themself... they are so lucky to have a norwegian cat like me ;-)
Bye byeeee!