IC. Diacira dell'Aurora del Nord
Sex  Female
Colour  Red blotched tabby/white
EMS code  NFO d 09 22
Birthday  07 Lug 2003
Born at  Carmen de Andrade (breeding Nordmøre)
Breeding  dell'Aurora del Nord
Owner  Francesca Piva

Here I am
my name is Diacira, that in Tupi' idiom (spoken by indios of Brasil) means "honeycomb",
... and in fact I'm a very sweet cat!!
I was born on July 07 2003 in Rome and I spent my first three months with Carmen and Massimo (my human grandparents) and with a sister (Dandara) and 4 brothers (Dassuen, Dambira', Duiruna, Diaurum).
There was also some cats of other races, a big dog, 2 turtles and a rabbit!....
I met Francesca and Massimo when I was 2 months old... in a September afternoon.
eheheh I conquered them soon for my vitality and sweetness
They came to my home every week, and they congratulated with grandmother Carmen for my progresses.
One day I and my brothers spent a week-end in their house.. we enjoyed very much even if we missed other animals of our home.. When we returned at home, my mother (the real one) blowed me and when I came out the sofa she assaulted me, so I had much fear.
So, I decided to turn back to my new parents home."

Diacira is a Red girl, loquacious and with pepper, she doesn't stop for a while. She likes to be pet and make long sleep between our arms.
She like so much my hair... when I brushes my hair, she watch to me dreamy; when I bring her on arms, she purr and licks an hair-lock!
She is a very sweet female, dominant, gelous, braveheart and spiteful... but very able to obtain forgiveness.
She is atletic and releasing, her jumps and evolutions are impressive.
She has a strong structure with good muscles, the tail is long and bushy.
Her profile is long and straight with a good chin in line with the nose.
The coat colour is of a warm orange, with a blotched pattern well defined and eyes colour is the same of the coat.
She is a very promising female: I'm sure she will have a good career and will give us a lot of satisfaction for the breeding, too.
She is still growing up, so I hope time will fullfill our expectations.