GIC. (N) Tømmerliskjærets Miranda
Sex  Female
Colour  Blue
EMS code  NFO a
Birthday  22 Jul 2003
Breeder  Aud Klungvik (Tømmerliskjærets) - Norway
Owner  Francesca Piva

Here I am
my name is Miranda!
I came by plane from Norway on November 28th 2003.
The flight was very long; I have had a little fear, but above all cold. When my new mother opened the cat bag, she received me in a warm embrace. I finished to shake, and I fall aslept.
When I wake up I was in a warm house, full of games. I explored it and I met a little red female, with a threatening aspect... uff she followed me everywhere!!
She looked at me and blowed, but I ignored her!
Then I decided to introduce myself and few minutes later we started to play togheter, but I had to do only what she wanted, otherwise she screamed to me... what a nuisance girl this Diacira!
Francesca prepared a lot of food: I ate it as a starved shark!
But my stomach wasn't full, so I ate also some food left by Diacira.
I spent all the evening playing, climbing the cat tree and running after Diacira everywhere in the house.
When was time to go to sleep mom and dad took us on arms and brought us in their room: whe spent the night between their pillows, THAT GODSEND BOYS!!!"

Time has flown away and some months passed from that day...
When arrived here, Miranda was like a little hairy spider!
Now she is growning up regularly and she develops little by little, but constantly.
Everyday she becomes more beautiful and more enterprising.
It has a strong magnetism and a very good temper.
She is a very sweet girl, who is not afraid of anything, very discreet and very lovely.
She has a strong friendship with Diacira: they are always together and they are in tune.
I like very much her head: a perfect triangular shape with long linx tufts on the ears, a good profile and a strong chin.
Her eyes are slightly oblique with green colour (very charming).
Her structure is harmonious, but still in development: she will reach a good body structure.
Fantastic tonality of her blue coat, very particular...
the blue of Chartreux Cats.