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Summer 2011

Crono delle Antiche Rune
(NFO d 03 23 - red tabby mackerel - bicolour white)

negative: FIV/FELV

negative: HCM

 negative: PKD

negative: GSD IV

thanks so much Natasa Faletic for this male!


GIC.(N) Tømmerliskjæret's Miranda  
(NFO d 09 22 - red tabby blotched / white)


negative: FIV - FeLV

negative : HCM 

negative: PKD

negative : GSD-IV


wait these kitten's colours:

Females: NFO f (Tortie),NFO f 03 (Tortie bicolore) NFO f 23 (tortie tabby mackerel), NFO f 03 23 (tortie tabby mackerel bicolore) NFO f 09 23 (tortie tabby mackerel and mitted white)
Males:  NFO n (black), NFO n 03 /09 (black and white), NFO n 23 (black tabby mackerel), NFO n 03 23 (black tabby mackerel bicolour) NFO n 09 23 (black tabby mackerel and mitted white)

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